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We are an independent and objective firm. We have strategic alliances with many providers of financial products and services which we feel is a critical component to the overall success of any financial plan. We specialize in the areas of Financial Planning, Wealth Accumulation, Protection, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Business Planning and Asset Management.

Our firm offers a full range of financial products and services for individuals, families and businesses.

Financial Planning

We provide a full review of your current situation, risk tolerance, objectives and resources. This is the blueprint for overall financial success. A financial plan may contain some or all of the components listed below.

Wealth Accumulation

Developing financial solutions with your goals as a guide. Whatever your goals may be – helping your children afford college (i.e.. 529 plans, UTMA/UGMA); paying for a wedding, a family trip, or a vacation house; early retirement; or being able to leave a legacy to your heirs or a favorite charity - we can help.

Accumulating wealth, no matter how old you are when you start, requires a long-term investment strategy, a commitment to seeing that strategy through and an understanding of your tolerance for risk. This same strategy needs to be constantly monitored on an ongoing basis to make certain your progress toward your goals are still on track.


Helping to protect those who depend on you, your family and business associates, should you die prematurely, become disabled or suffer from a long term illness with an insurance program that suits your individual needs. Your income - the money you earn - provides the foundation for everything you do. From paying the mortgage, clothing your children, funding education, funding your retirement to anything that makes you feel financially secure, everything is premised on having enough money. Money for final expenses, debt repayment, business continuation, and other monthly essentials is there when you need it most.

Our product portfolio includes: whole life, term life, universal life, variable life*, second-to-die, disability income, overhead expense, long term care, NYS Partnership Plan, immediate annuities, deferred annuities(fixed or variable*), group and individual health plans, group life and others.

Estate Planning

Helping you preserve what you have worked so hard to build over the years plus designing a plan for the eventual distribution of your assets to heirs. Effective estate planning can help you:

  • Obtain financial security for your family.
  • Reduce or eliminate taxes, administrative expenses and delays in connection with the transfer of your estate.
  • Pass your estate on to your heirs according to your wishes.
  • Provide liquidity to cover taxes, debts and expenses you may owe.
  • Provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing steps have been taken to protect the people who depend on you, as well as everything you’ve worked a lifetime to build.

Business Planning

Guiding you in planning for the eventual transfer of your business to heirs or associates, based on your personal goals. Using tax-favored business dollars to attract, retain and reward select key employees.

Proper business continuation planning can help ensure that your business, and the people whose incomes and lives depend upon it, will succeed when you are no longer at the helm. It also helps you answer the question: "Who will take over my business should I die prematurely, become disabled, or simply decide to retire?"

Selective Employee Benefit Planning is key to you in:

  • Increasing shareholder value.
  • Providing financing options that help offset benefit costs.
  • Providing significant perks to selected employees – including yourself.
  • Motivating, retaining and rewarding key employees.
  • Differentiating among key employees – you decide at what level each key employee will participate.
  • Over time Selective Employee Benefit programs can contribute to your company’s bottom line.

Retirement Planning

A comprehensive approach to the financial needs of the retirement years for you and your spouse. One that takes into consideration the streams of income you may receive (i.e. social security, company pension plan etc ), pension plans (i.e. IRA, 401K, 403B, SEP etc) and the wealth you have accumulated. We help you plan and provide you with a variety of retirement planning products and services.

When you are ready to retire, we then show you strategies designed to stretch your retirement assets out over your lifetime or pass them to heirs on a tax favored basis.

Asset Management*

Asset management is important to the overall success of financial planning. Our asset management program is designed to provide you with the individualized asset allocation models, which are designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Asset Allocation is a method used to help manage investment risk, driven by complex, mathematical models and should not be confused with a simpler concept of diversification nor does it guarantee to protect against investment loss in declining markets.