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Special Needs Planning

My desire to support special needs families heightened when I became a parent of a child with special needs. As a parent, I certainly understand what you’re going through. My son Ronnie is a child with special needs. Once you receive that news there are many thoughts that start racing through your mind. All of this can become very overwhelming. I want to help reduce the stress.

Special needs planning requires professional assistance from people who understand the importance of the unique preparation and forethought. They need to have the expertise and knowledge to work with families to prepare for the future.

Special needs planning is complex and requires critical issues to be addressed, such as:

  1. Considering the child’s options for housing, education, work, etc.
  2. Selecting a guardian and/or conservator, if needed
  3. Selecting the trustee(s)
  4. Protecting government benefit eligibility by establishing a Special Needs Trust
  5. Exploring funding options for the Special Needs Trust
  6. Projecting future needs, related expenses and resources for your child
  7. Creating a Letter of Intent

If you already have plans in place to address your child’s special needs, be sure to review them annually to ensure that those plans still hold up according to your wishes. Changes in the law, financial products or changes in your own situation could have affected your plan.

Along with the guidance of a qualified estate planning attorney, Old Castle Financial Advisors is committed to helping your loved one experience the quality of life they deserve and helping you feel prepared; whether you are the parent, grandparent, sibling or other care-giver. Lifetime care is important; but quality of life is critical!

We can help you provide a quality of life for your loved one, even for when you may no longer be there for them. Contact us today to get started, we’d be glad to help, (516) 394-2514 or email us at

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