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When you are dealing with the death of a spouse or a divorce, taking care of your finances may be the last thing on your mind. The stress of these transitions can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and out of control. But protecting your interests and organizing your finances can make things a lot easier for you in the future.

Losing a spouse is difficult enough, but when you add to it the pressure of having to settle the estate and organize finances, it can often feel like too much to handle. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make it a little more manageable.

When your spouse dies, your first step should be to contact anyone who is close to you and your spouse and anyone who may help you with funeral preparations. For example, you may have some immediate expenses to take care of and need to take action quickly. Even if you are expecting money from an insurance or estate settlement, you may lack the funds to pay for those expenses right away. Having someone to guide you through the process of decision making in terms of now, next and later can clarity and peace of mind.

The death of a spouse is an emotional time that can trigger emotional decisions. During this time, it is important to avoid making hasty decisions. Follow these tips to help keep your finances secure:

  • Don’t think about moving from your current home until you can make a decision based on reason rather than emotion.
  • Don’t spend money impulsively.
  • Don’t cave in to pressure to sell or give away your spouse’s possessions.
  • Don’t give or loan money to others without reviewing your finances first.
  • Meet with an adviser who will create a customized plan for you and help you implement it consistent with your values and goals

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